We all have a stake in education. Most of us have been shaped by our own school experiences; indelible memories, moments that have defined us or altered our futures, and educators who influenced our paths. Our children, present or future, will be part of our nation’s education system. This class is a chance to discuss the American public education system, local, national and global attitudes towards education, ethical and moral dilemmas in education, and alternative models of education. Specific topics may include bilingual classrooms, gifted and talented programs, environmental education, physical education, art programming, state and national standards, assessment, media coverage, and school funding. In this class, students will build upon and develop skills in writing, researching and critical thinking. They will write a personal essay about their own educational experiences, a movie analysis, and a compare-contrast essay on high school challenges such as college pressure, cheating, and peer pressure; then focus on one main aspect of teaching and learning for their major research project. Students are encouraged to take ENGL 103 (1 unit) simultaneously in order to gain hands on service learning experience in a school setting.